Our Civic Cultural practice designs spaces that serve our cities and embody the spirit and image of their citizens. Our designs reflect the identity and needs of a community and become the catalyst for change, fueling private sector investment and growth.

Take a short trip through scenic West Texas, and you’ll undoubtedly notice some of the civic and cultural structures that the Condray Design Group has created in the past. Our team of professional architects has truly left an indelible mark on the topography of the local region. Thankfully, the architects at Condray are primed to continue designing these lovely civic and cultural facilities for years to come.

Our civic designs create spaces that serve our cities and embody the true spirit and image of their citizens. Condray Design Group stays dialed in to the sentiments of the local population.

Our architectural staff takes great pride in serving the region. We want West Texas to thrive for all the foreseeable future. Keeping this fact in mind, Condray designers always keep their fingers on the pulse of recent architectural trends. Just because we create civic and cultural spaces, doesn’t mean our blueprints have to feel tired or mundane. By incorporating both classical design techniques and contemporary styles, we’ve managed to produce a series of breathtaking facilities.

To learn more about the specific civic and cultural architecture we’ve completed in the past, don’t hesitate to browse the rest of our website. Glimpse shots of the modern Lubbock Regional Arts Center to get a better feel for our distinct aesthetic sense. We’ll work by your side to create a unique design which far exceeds your expectations.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our civic and cultural capabilities, feel free to contact one of our design representatives today. Set up a consultation as soon as possible, and we’ll be able to get a better feel for your needs and sensibilities. After this preliminary meeting, our talented architects can begin planning your breathtaking new structure.