We create interiors to foster learning and encourage exploration. We understand the needs of different aspects of student life: quiet spaces for focused work, technologically integrated classrooms for learning, and informal collaborative areas to build community. The first step in our integrative approach is to listen to your unique needs. From large scale programming and planning, to historic renovations than honor the past, we breathe new life into existing spaces to reinforce your organization’s mission.

The harmony between interior and exterior architecture is central to creating spaces that honors both form and function. The sensitive and intuitive design of interiors is a practice we have been honing since in 1992. We understand that our first responsibility is to listen and observe. It is how we create seamless educational environments that anticipate the needs of users. Our holistic interiors balance light, color and shape to create spaces that promote learning, collaboration and agility. Interiors have the power to convey missions and enhance community, to energize teachers and inspire learning.